Harrison Programming for Investors and Traders



Swing Trading on RadarScreen

If you have an effective swing trade system and want to trade many symbols (e.g. stocks) using a sizable account, automating the system to run on RadarScreen is a really effective way to trade.

Major Advantages:

  • Truly hands free. Free from daily time consuming work of scanning candidates and setting up for trading.
  • Allows you to monitor hundreds of symbols and greatly increases your chance to find the right trading opportunities.
  • Enables you to trade many symbols/positions, and helps you manage risk using a portfolio of positions.

What We Offer:

  • Accurate translation of your strategy to run on RadarScreen.
  • CPU-efficient programming so that your system will run more smoothly and restart faster than typical code.
  • Live simulation test before delivery.
  • Email/sound alert optional features on buy or sell signals.
  • Online support on your computer upon request.
"Thanks Harrison. The system seems to be working very well (both from a programming and results perspective)." Tim W., Active Equities Trader who runs automatic swing trade systems on sizeable accounts

Strategies/Systems Protection in DLL

How secure is your strategy/system when you lease it to others? Many system owners do not know the "protection" for their system is one of very low level. In one case we have had a well-known developer come to us for help, only to find that his entire security was a single function which could be broken easily. We have helped high value system owners lock up their key components of their strategies in DLL. We put locks in multiple locations and use a special method to pass variables between DLL and EasyLanguage codes, which enhances the protection. 

"I will be happy to provide the highest recommendation for your work." Dale, a system trader and developer who had Harrison program DLL to protect his 10 winning strategies.