Harrison Programming for Investors and Traders


Services Areas

  • Programming of indicators, strategies and systems to convert your concepts into programs and  enable to you to test and invest/trade your concepts.
  • Implemetation of high-level trading automation algorithms with trading risk control and automatic restart (in contrast with most automation codes which provide only basic level of automation) to achieve a much smoother and more reliable trading automation.
  • DLL programming in C++ or DiamondLock to protect your codes and/or control the license.
  • Creation of CPU-efficient algorithms which enable your codes to run faster.
  • Review and testing of strategies/systems to help you correctly assess the strategy performance.
  • Programming of strategy and portfolio money management to enable you to do portfolio testing and risk analysis (in MultiCharts Portfolio Trader).
  • Process improvement and automation of investing/trading process to significantly reduce your manual work in the process.
  • Consultation for the areas above.

Platforms Supported

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Special Priorities

  • Confidentiality
  • Quality Work
  • Working together effectively
  • Personalized services and support  for investing/trading firms and dedicated individual investors/traders.