Harrison Programming for Investors and Traders


About Us

Harrison Cai is the sole proprietor of Harrison Programming   and is an experienced EasyLanguage Specialist registered with TradeStation and MultiCharts. Harrison received the 2011 TradeStation Developer Challenge Award for his work on TS9 Object-Oriented EasyLanguage OrderTicket Automation.

Harrison developed a strong interest in mathematics and geometry in his youth. He participated and won mathematics competitions in high-school. In college, his favorite subjects were math and physics. Besides taking his normal math classes, he spent two summers working on various math and geometry problems with his much-older study buddies. When the microcomputer came out, he started programming in Basic as a hobby.

Harrison holds a post-graduate degree in engineering science with a strong analytical background. He devoted four years to computer modeling and programming for his graduate studies, where he developed a keen interest in programming. During the same period, another professor "borrowed" him for a month to do numerical computation as part of a research project.

After working on engineering project management and process improvement, Harrison returned to what he loves to do most: Programming.  He believes in doing what one loves and being specialized. Since 2000, he has channeled his programming skills and interest into specialized trading/investing applications. In the due course, he gained the investing/trading background which enables him to connect and work effectively with investing/trading clients.

Harrison's clients include investing/trading firms, dedicated individual investors/traders, as well as system developers. Harrison works with clients as a team with trust and win-win relationship as the foundation. He strives to do a quality job for clients as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

"What programming is: mathematics or engineering? Craft, art, or science?"  Peter Seibel, in Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming, by Guy Steele, et al.

We believe that programming is a combination of mathematics, engineering, craft, art, and science to provide solutions to meet customer requirements.